Open the Door

After the Thanksgiving parade I spent some more time exploring Houston’s Downtown area and discovered the Open the Door public art installation which has been exhibited across Houston during 2013.  Typical that I only discover it in its last month, which is also my last month in this city, so I don’t think I’ll make it to all the 19 locations.  There was even a writing and photography contest into which I could have entered a blog post had I been aware of it before 30 October.

Such is life and I’m glad to have encountered the doors before they leave the city streets at the end of the year.

This circle of doors is at Location 1, the Houston Public Library Plaza called The Dream

The two doors at location 15, City Hall’s Herman Square part of The People series of doors

The next day I went out on my bike to find a number of other locations.  Location 10 had unfortunately already turned into a building site.  Its closure during November was indicated on the Open the Doors website, going on the 29th was probably cutting it a bit fine.

This is location 14 which I must have passed many times.  It is by the Jamail Skate Park at the Sabine Street end of Buffalo Bayou Park.  In the context picture you see a skater just landing having skidded along a bench and the other bench being waxed by a second skater.

Location 5 is in the Heights, installed on the central reservation between the north and southbound lanes of Heights Boulevard.

If I have the time, I may visit a few more locations in the coming weeks.


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