The road to Austin

road view

Houston and Austin are about 2.5 to 3 hours drive apart.  Both are worthwhile destinations.  I think for that very reason, people ignore the roads they are travelling on, focussing their attention on the objective of the journey.  In the spirit of enjoying the journey as much as the destination, here are some pictures of interesting things on Highway 71 between Columbus and Austin.  (The I-10 from Houston to Columbus is a bit boring!)

Just alongside the AB ranch is a collection of bridge samples with a sign advertising a bridge builder

There are two historical markers along this stretch of the road.  The first to commemorate Col. Ross, the latter the site of Wood’s Fort.

The views from the overlooking point and picnic stop were breathtaking.

Either side of the road the scenery changed, from lush green trees, beautiful tall grass in purple seed, to burnt trees after what must have been a wildfire and a single field with cacti.  Which had cattle grazing in it.  Sufficiently odd, that I actually turned around again to stop and take pictures.

The Cowboy Church is also along Highway 71.  It has a cattle grid at its entrance and what may be horse or cattle stalls to one side of the main building.  I’m curious as to what is hitched up in the car park when there’s a service.

My favourite stop was the Berdoll Pecan Farm.  You can’t really miss them, not only do they have a tall sign you can see from a distance, Ms Pearl, their squirrel sits outside the store to welcome you.

Ms Pearl



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