From the Rockies to the Big Sky

IMG_1485 Montana sunrise
After falling asleep in the eastern part of Washington state, we travelled across the topmost portion of Idaho, crossing that section of the state in about three hours and I woke up in Montana to this spectacular sunrise

There is a guide to the route on the train and I could re-type what I have read about the Montana countryside here. The purpose of this blog though is not to regurgitate what others have written, but to tell tales about my travels as I have experienced them. We were travelling through the Glacier Park National Park and crossed back over the continental divide, the ‘ridge’ that runs down the North American plate dividing whether rivers flow east or west into the Atlantic or Pacific. When we crossed it in New Mexico on the Sunset Limited it was also signposted, although the lack of rivers there made it less relevant.

Although still in a nature reserve, some agricultural activity does take place within Glacier Park.

Glacier Park Farm
Glacier Park Farm

The last view of the Rockies is at Cut Bank

Cut Bank
Cut Bank

After which we travelled on into Montana’s famed Big Sky Country


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