The train arrived in Sacramento at 1 am, an hour behind schedule.  I had decided to spend 24 hours in northern California to explore the area a little and Sacramento had been recommended over Davis by a friend who had grown up in the latter and had volunteered at the Railroad museum in Sacramento, so knows both.  For a one day stay, Sacramento did not disappoint.  The town is situated where the American river meets the Sacramento river, has a well preserved old town, is the capital of the State of California and is the home of the California State Railroad Museum.

Being at the joining point of two rivers, the city had been prone to flooding and over the years, properties in the old town were raised to prevent damage during floods.

Raised city

Raised city

IMG_1054 Pioneer Park

Inside Pioneer Park

Inside Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park has this pretty gate, but is no larger than a single plot between two other houses, no deeper than the other buildings.

On the Saturday I spent there, there were a number of people who were dressed in lat 1800’s dress, I presumed either employed as tourist guides or looking to make money from posing with tourists in front of the old facades.

Old town

Old town

From the old town I walked to the State Capitol.  Unfortunately I did not see the governor.  I suppose on a Saturday he is doing what most politicians do in this country, raising money.

IMG_1134 state capitol

I had been a little surprised by how empty the town had felt, both in the touristy area and down town.  When I walked up to Discovery Park, set around the merging of the rivers, I realised why.  This is where everyone was spending their sunny Saturday.

Riverside beach

Riverside beach

True to family form, I also noticed a number of nice bridges.  This one appears to be one of Sacramento’s principal landmarks.

Sacramento Bridge

Sacramento Bridge

View from the Capitol

View from the Capitol

This is one is slightly up river from the yellow bridge, close to the railway museum.

IMG_1064 bridge 2

And this one crosses the American river from American Park into Discovery Park.

IMG_1155 Bridge


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