Louisiana coastline

While I have time between the Spring and Summer semesters, I am catching up on telling some tales about past travels.  In 2010 I visited Texas for a few weeks and took a short trip in a Cessna 172 to New Orleans to break up my stay.

New Orleans from above
New Orleans from above

New Orleans is a great city to visit.  The French Quarter lives up to expectations with music, beignets, mimes and other street performers, bars and beautiful architecture.  There are well maintained riverside walks, the streetcars are easy to understand and trees remain decorated in beads from Mardi Gras even in September.

French Quarter
French Quarter

What is less talked about is the beauty of the coastline between Houston and New Orleans. On our way to Louisiana, we stuck to a more overland route and I only got glimpses of where land meets water as we were getting close to New Orleans

Coast Squiggle – were does land end and ocean start?

We flew directly over Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport to land at New Orleans Lakefront airport.  Until we were approaching this airport, I didn’t even know New Orleans had a lake, let along one into which a long runway jutted out

New Orleans Lakefront Aiport
New Orleans Lakefront Airport

On our return journey we hugged the coast a lot more and I was mesmerised by the co-existence of land, water, industry and man which are very delicately balanced in this part of the world.

Channel dug to allow lower hulled ships to travel in and out
Channel dug to allow lower hulled ships to travel in and out
Human built straight lines
Human built straight lines

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