Fashion Statement

This poem was written by a friend of mine, Liz Gillespie with input from a friend of hers, Alan Birdsworth

Fashion, it’s a statement, A fabric war that we declare
It makes us feel like superstars or makes others stop and stare

If we are followers or leaders it’s an ever changing trend
A Label that says who we are, the message we like to send

Look closely at all those around, what clothes adorn their frame
Can we see the individuals, Or are they all the same?

Some are dedicated followers, the designers they adore
And some prefer just to wear, whatever’s cheapest in their store

Fashion is so personal and you shouldn’t dress to trend
not to line the pockets of designers or just to please a friend

You should dress with what you like from bottom right through to top
be that from a unique boutique or just a charity shop

Leopard print from head to toe, quite scary don’t you think?
Others like to set their sights on luminescent pink.

Granny in her safe twinset with pearls around her neck
And plastic hikers in cargo pants and boots not fit to trek

There are the Goths all dressed in black and metal in their face
Or orange ducks in thick makeup, waddling a stiletto footed race

Who are we to judge their choice it makes us who we are
It matters not if we’re haute couture or a Westwood rising star

My nana often used to say that clothes should suit the wearer
It has nowt to do with me or you we shouldn’t dress to please the stare’er



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