Student life

My first week of classes is over.  Odd to have structure in my life again after 13 weeks of just hanging around and accomplishing all sorts of things like move country, sell and buy cars, un-furnish a house, furnish a flat, ship a cat, see lots of friends, fall out of the odd aircraft (and not fall out of the one operated by British Airways) in an unstructured approach.

What classes you ask?  This semester I am taking:

  • Introduction to Fashion
  • Art in Fashion
  • Ready to Wear Construction
  • English Composition.

The last of these is a required course for all students at HCC.  Had my English not been to college standard, I would have had to take a lower level English class followed by this English Composition class in a subsequent semester.  As my placement test indicated that my English was at college standard I could enrol in this one directly, although that didn’t stop the administration department from trying to enrol me in an English-as-a-Second-Language class, what with me being an International Student.  Sense prevailed and I am expecting only to have to complete one English class as part of the overall degree.

I’m telling you about this class at the outset, as it is intended to make me a more practised writer which in turn could increase your reading pleasure!  I will not predict the extent of this pleasure increase now, however on completion of the class I may ask you, my regular readers, whether you feel that either you or I have benefited from what I’m learning in English 1301.


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